Idea Creation
Development of innovative ideas for new products is, we believe, essentially a team process. With years of combined commercial experience of working for clients throughout the country, we feel that our consultants are committed to maximise those skills for the benefit of its clients. Brainstorming sessions undertake to:

Identify new product opportunities within both new and existing markets
Create product ideas to fit a specific brief
Develop existing brands
Utilise clients’ technologies, plant and processes

Prototype Development
To determine the potential of any creative ideas the well known quote, ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’, is a true analogy when asking a client for a commitment to proceed with a new product. The expertise of our personnel enables prototypes to be quickly prepared for consumer and client screening. This technique has been most successful when working directly with clients and also in association with business development agencies and their customers.

Ingredient Know How
Our expert knowledge of materials and applications enables us to select the best commercially available ingredients for any project, allowing ease of transfer to large scale production.

Through experience, techniques and products thought to be used exclusively in one area can often be transferred to greater effect within another. It is by harnessing these skills and knowledge that often gives your product that essential competitive edge.

Recipe Development
Our test kitchen facilities are used in the development of products and planning through to pre-production stage.

As recipes are developed, each stage is accurately recorded and logged ensuring information on all formulae, costings and suppliers is always available. As the products are formulated, other various criteria are now taken into consideration. Target markets, consumer trends, processes, packaging, presentation, costs, marketing and project timetables.

Contact with the client is maintained by regular development and review meetings. It is Food Development Lab desire to foster a close working relationship and seek to integrate itself as part of the client’s team.

Product Presentation
A key part of the development process is the appraisal session with clients. Prototypes or pre-production samples are presented to be put through their paces with taste assesments, whilst competitors’ products are analysed and reviewed.

This presentation phase can also be to clients own customers – for example the main retailers. We have the skills to plan and undertake professional presentations to meet all your requirements.

Sample Presentation
At this stage, the required product, or range of products will emerge for testing in the market place. We offer the facilities to prepare samples that will be used during market research, or presentation to trade customers.

Product Transfer
This stage is one of the most critical – scaling up for production. Factory trials are expensive but essential to set production recipe and quality standards. We pride ourselves that our products are designed from the outset using commercially available ingredients and technologies to facilitate a smooth transfer to the production environment.

Food Development Lab offers all the relevant skills and experience to undertake projects that can create innovative, commercially viable products for manufacture.

Pack Recipies
As a result of our unique culinary background we have considerable experience at developing recipes for including “on-pack”. This can be for new products we have developed or for existing ones.

This service can include creating and evaluating the recipe for in-home use and commissioning and preparing the recipes for photography.

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